The Veil & Valor creation process starts with a mutually conceptual idea giving direction to the development of original textile pattern designs.  Kate uses her background in pattern design to create hand rendered drawings or paintings that become the V&V exclusive house fabrics.   Kate and Shelby then work together to edit the patterns, create a color story, and print the designs laying the groundwork for developing the complimentary clothing silhouettes.  

The Veil & Valor process embraces slow fashion by incorporating hand stitched embellishments, artisanal details, and hand printed designs.  In addition, collaboration with local women run businesses in the manufacturing and production of apparel collections is an important part of V&V's mission of supporting women and creating community and sustainability. The visions and talents of the Veil & Valor designers compliment each other every step of the way blurring distinct roles and making this brand a true collaboration in all aspects.  


Girl positions press above textile to create raven design showing off the process of creating women's clothing
Two workers fill stamp with black ink substance at Veil and Valor studio
Woman stands in white room working on designs for Veil and Valor women's fashion line

Photo credit:  Trudy Chin