A Passion for Creation

Veil & Valor is a brand of women's clothing and accessories formed from the collaboration between designers Shelby Morgan and Kate Troyer.  The V&V mission is to design distinctive, edgy, and timeless clothing with original textiles and artisanal details embracing slow fashion methods.  Veil & Valor garments are all designed and made in Portland, Oregon.

Veil and Valor founders sit on a white couch in front of painting.

We VALUE the ethics of slower fashion practices

We embrace slowing down the fashion system by creating seasonless limited edition collections.  A focus on fewer collections and the ability to mix and match garments are hallmarks of our design process.  We create an artisan printed collection that offers distinctive storytelling statement pieces, as well as, our evolving Signature Black & Denim collection which is comprised of versatile staples that are a mainstay of the V&V brand.  Additionally, we slow down the fashion creation by using handcrafted artisan techniques such as applique, large-scale silk screening, and embroidery in our garments and find unparalleled value in the art of making which makes each garment unique and special to our customers.

We VALUE supporting women and mothers

As mothers ourselves, we believe in supporting motherhood, family, and a healthy work/life balance for each other, our employees, and our business network/family.  We actively support working with and supporting women run businesses in production, manufacturing, and hand artisan processes. This weaves a web of support for stronger local businesses and capabilities. V&V prints and produces all textiles and apparel locally, backing the foundation and prosperity of other local business.  

We VALUE artisan handcrafted tradition

All of our printed textiles are created from in-house hand rendered sketches and paintings and the unique surface designs are then hand silk screened or digitally printed on the west coast.  Our collections are guided by print design that are authentic to V&V.  Additionally, we collaborate with other women who are masters of their own crafts ranging from embroidery to hand applique to jewelry design.

We VALUE creating distinctive yet timeless fashion

Distinctive: All of our prints are original with a focus on communicating a woman's individuality, authenticity and creativity through bold and exclusive imagery.  Timeless: We create silhouettes and garments made for quality, longevity, and versatility. The garments are seasonless and designed to flatter many body types with a focus on non body conscious shapes that are still feminine and lovely.  We create garments in simple shapes with lovely draping that is classic and approachable.  Additionally, our selection of garments offered in the signature solid Black & Denim Collections are timeless and simple allowing for the expression of the wearer to come through by how they choose to wear it. They are the backbone of a women's wardrobe and can be used as a background for other meaningful individual expressions.